Integrated Care Hub

Integrated Care Hub

Get a holistic view of data with the Integrated Care Hub

Calibrate’s Integrated Care Hub helps Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) understand when, where and how patients are accessing care to better manage cost, spend and trends.

With a holistic view of patient data, you can improve collaboration between NHS stakeholders, develop necessary risk management programmes and identify the need for operational policies for cost containment and spend.

  • Proactively identify vulnerable and ‘lost’ patients with unmet needs
  • Enable rapid assessment of clinical impacts
  • Prevent escalation to crisis management
  • Timely and evidenced reporting of accrued savings
  • Reduce costs whilst improving quality of care
  • Reduce hospital admissions, A&E visits and GP call outs
  • Targeted clinical service specification 
  • Increase patient consultation time with GPs


“Innovation and digital solutions are often seen in the NHS as something done by those a step removed from the front line, with limited tangible benefits on the ground.

Calibrate’s dynamic Integrated Care Hub has enabled us to evidence, evaluate and transform the services we provide in a way never before possible, to consistently deliver positive patient outcomes.”

Peter Glover

Lead for Proactive Care, Farnham Integrated Care Services

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