Qlik-Partner-Tile_SolutionProvider1-217x300_2With Qlik, we can enable a whole new level of analysis and insight for our clients.Qlik-Partner-Tile_SolutionProvider1-217x300_2


35,000 organisations in 100 countries worldwide use Qlik (QlikView and Qlik Sense), the unique Visual Analytics platform that turns data into knowledge and insight. But the vast majority do not experience anything like the full potential of these amazing tools.  Used properly, it’s like shining a great light on data – there’s nowhere to hide and there’s insight to be gained everywhere. We’ve ensured that Qlik does work – to 100 per cent of its potential – for our clients.


Eat. Sleep. Qlik. Repeat.

That is the motto of the International Qlik Dev Group and two of the three founding members are Calibrate consultants. Not only are our consultants recognised formally by Qlik via certification as designers, developers and system architects/administrators, they are well-known more widely in the community by what they give back. The Qlik Dev Group, Qlik Luminary status, popular blogs and high-ranking global Qlik Community scores, all speak to the pride and passion our Qlik consultants bring to our clients’ work.

Enterprise Grade

Qlik software lends itself very well to ad-hoc, entrepreneurial development. With our help, just about anyone can put together a basic dashboard and start returning value almost immediately; this is one of the great strengths of the platform. However without effective enterprise control, this strength will turn to a weakness very quickly.
We are experienced in encouraging and enabling this “give it a go” attitude throughout our clients’ organisations, whilst maintaining a safe, secure, stable and scalable infrastructure on which to publish applications. Unification of architecture saves significantly on capital costs as well as ongoing maintenance spend.
A sensible mix of strict standards (for much larger applications) and guiding principles (for the less demanding ones) ensures the integrity of the Qlik environments are maintained, but not to the detriment of dynamic business units who want to publish quickly.

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Calibrate with Qlik – enabling entrepreneurial development within our clients.