The Challenge

An investment bank approached us about problems with a complex offshoring project involving their finance back office.

Their project manager was struggling to keep all the balls in the air – deadlines were not being met, stakeholders were not getting answers and a lack of experience in dealing with a technical staff was hampering progress.  And it was all costing time and money.

How Calibrate Helped

Calibrate identified the specific skills and relevant experience that our client needed. We helped them understand that they didn’t just need a replacement project manager, they needed a project manager who had real business experience – someone who had been in the client’s shoes.

We shortlisted 3 suitable candidates.  And we did it quickly using our CalibrateTalent network.

We guided the client through the process  – explaining why we thought each candidate would be successful in the role and the key differences  between them. This enabled  our client to make the best decision.


Calibrate helped the bank find the right person to put the project back on track. Quickly. We saved the client time by minimising the number of candidates invited to interview.

Calibrate identified the specific skills and relevant experience that our client needed..

Our clients perspectives

“My experience with Calibrate has been very positive. We had some very urgent needs given turnover so were very happy at the speed with which your firm was able to provide CV’s for us to review. We have seen strong diversity in your candidate pool who have helped us on various aspects of our work from operations, governance, policy maintenance to indepth and fundamental pricing of RMBS, CDOs, CRE Collateral and CMBS to name a few. Your staff members were always disciplined, strong team players and looked to add value.”
Global Executive Director, Tier 1 investment bank