High Profile Issues Resolved

A tier I investment bank had issues that had been identified by the local regulator, who raised a high profile review point. Calibrate dealt with these issues.

Doing the Right Thing. Always.

Our consultants have the strength to challenge culture for the right outcome for our clients.

Experts Exceeding Expectations


Our client (an agency) did not have available internal skills to complete a high-profile dashboard for an important new client.

A Million to One


Our client was undergoing a major business transformation exercise and selected QlikView as the visualisation tool of choice.

Calibrating Your Costs


Senior Finance management wanted to get a handle on the breadth and the value of costs going through the business.

Building a World-Class Team


Calibrate used the consulting expertise of its industry practitioners to analyse the clients business and needs.

Delivering on Deadline


We were contacted by a bank running out of time to prepare for an important challenge. After a period of rapid and aggressive growth

Specialist Knowledge, Fast


An investment bank approached us about problems they were having with a complex offshoring project involving their finance back office.

Meeting Complex Needs

A top 5 UK grocer was looking for a site to house a distribution center for its new online business.