Our mission is to get the best out of your teams and your technology helping you to move forward in
today’s highly competitive, highly regulated environment.

How it all began

Calibrate Consulting is built on a vision that the people best placed to help other businesses were those with hands-on experience within industry. So we use successful industry operators instead of career consultants to lead, manage and drive our client projects.

Established in 2008, Calibrate operates globally with bases in London and New York. We started in Finance in NY and grew rapidly. Before long we had clients in the Energy, Telecoms and Pharma sectors. Hired by multinationals, start-ups and everything in between, we have product controllers, change managers, IT specialists and a wide range of other experts.

Our expertise

Our team’s expertise comes from first hand experience of many industries including top tier banks, energy and pharmaceutical companies. And the size and expertise of our core team and beyond it, our CalibrateTalent scheme, means we always supply the right people and the right technology. We encourage our Consultants to develop professionally. Most of our experts have professional qualifications like CIMA, ACA, Qlik qualifications, IBM, OpenPages, 6 Sigma Master Black Belt.

We’re good to know.  We’re good to go.