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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

A rapid rise in compliance regulations, resulting from an increasingly complex business environment, has put additional pressure on companies to devise intelligent solutions to manage regulatory change, and to adapt to complications posed by anticipated and unforeseen risks. As the corporate and economic climate continues to shift, businesses need to be prepared to anticipate, respond to, and mitigate risk with flexible processes that can be adapted to any methodology. Uncertain times and a volatile economic climate have contributed to an expanding focus on GRC across all industries.

Common Issues

While some companies have met their risk and compliance challenges head on with insightful business strategies and powerful technology solutions, many are still struggling to reconcile traditional approaches and legacy systems with the rapid pace of change.

Key challenges faced by GRC teams include a reliance on non standardised processes, often using highly manual spreadsheets producing siloed and unconnected views which require high levels of manual intervention for reporting. Together these processes are not equipped to manage the complexity of the dynamic modern regulatory and compliance environment. As global mandates and compliance directives continue to snowball, organisations are faced with an urgent need to adopt a robust and systematic approach to managing risks and controls. Risk management needs to be tightly integrated with ongoing business processes, ensuring that a consistent approach can be taken across all areas of the business to provide a holistic view of risk across the enterprise.

IBM OpenPages

The IBM OpenPages GRC Platform provides organisations with enterprise-wide GRC convergence and exceptional insight into business performance.

IBM OpenPages is built to engage and connect stakeholders, from senior executives and the board to business process owners and frontline staff, as the GRC scope of influence expands across the enterprise. The solution is uniquely equipped to help companies manage through the current risk and compliance environment with powerful business intelligence, on-demand reporting, highly automated workflows, and massive scalability.

IBM OpenPages transcends traditional risk and compliance software, unveiling the opportunity for companies to embed governance, risk and compliance into the fabric of their organization and leverage GRC information assets and gain insight across business operations. This insight enables decision-makers to focus on key business performance metrics while managing risk and compliance initiatives across the enterprise.