Delivering on Deadline

The Challenge

We were contacted by a bank running out of time to prepare for an important challenge. After a period of rapid and aggressive growth post credit-crunch it needed to prepare for a CAD1 renewal Application to the FSA. It did not have the expertise to do it alone, and it had allowed the deadline to drift dangerously close.

How Calibrate Helped

The turnaround time was 6 months for a process that would normally take well over a year. We installed a key member of the Calibrate team as an interim head of product control for equities, wealth management and asset management.

He assessed the skills of staff, identified those who needed development. He reviewed the processes and identified any urgent needs to to unify operations, IT and senior management.

We redefined people’s roles, retraining staff where necessary.


When the FSA came, Calibrate represented the bank.

The FSA interrogation was scheduled for two sessions of three hours. After the first session, we were told there was no need for a second.

In banking, reputation is everything. We don’t just give you a roadmap. We join you on the journey.