Calibrating Your Costs

The Challenge

A highly complex business with both physical and financial products had evolved in silos with regards to booking contra revenue costs.  The silo nature of the businesses was mirrored in back office functions resulting in inconsistent processes and treatment of costs.  Multiple channels for costs to be booked and paid meant there was no discernable workflow logic.

Senior Finance management wanted to get a handle on the breadth and the value of costs going through the business.

How Calibrate Helped

Calibrate consulted with individual businesses to understand the types of costs impacting the business.

Each cost type was then analysed to understand the workflow from receiving an invoice to being paid and eventually hitting downstream reporting systems.

Data collection tools were developed to enable MIS to be developed.


Once costs were understood management prioritised the dissemination of key costs to buyers to ensure they were being priced into the business appropriately.

Costs were aggregated across business lines and reported to business management with any significant trends/deviations analysed against management’s intuitive expectations of the business.

Calibrate gets it and won’t let you down